Effective Tips for Marketing Homes

marketing-plan-photo-resizedThere are multiple ways to market homes and some are more effective than others. Your marketing plan needs to include various approaches to make sure you bring in those valuable leads.


Let’s take a look at the various methods of effective advertising and communication:

Professional Photography – This should be your first step in marketing a home. A photo says a thousand words and it is worth your money to invest in getting great photos taken either by a professional photographer or by taking photos yourself (if you have a high quality camera). Prospective buyers want to see the front of the house and various exterior photos of the house that highlight additional features such as a pool, size of the yard, etc. Interior photos are essential, buyers want to see exactly what the home has to offer. 

Email Marketing – you can use services such as and to email prospective clients. But, the open rate on emails averages at around 20%. Not exactly the most effective way to reach clients. You can’t dismiss email marketing though, there is still that 20% of people that might just see that email. 

Direct Mail – Postcards. We have heard from many of our website clients that postcards have been proven to be very effective. Its important to get creative with postcards. For example, you could focus on a target area by listing the upcoming events and make sure to include your Brokerage/Agent information. People are more likely to look at a postcard that gives them information of entertainment and things to do that are in their local area. Postcards that focus on a featured property are also effective. The biggest thing to realize is that people look at postcards before they toss them out. At least they take a look at your postcard (this beats the 20% open rate of email).  

Google Adwords – Market a home by targeting specific keywords people search for on Google. This type of marketing can get time consuming and expensive. But, with a bit of work and targeting of specific areas your Google Adwords Online Ads can show up in both Google Searches and also seen on the Content Network of Google Adsense Publishers. 

Websites – every Realtor should have a website to feature their properties. You need a home base for communication with your clients. Having your own website is an essential tool in completing the circle of marketing. Additionally, creating one-off websites for featured properties is an effective way to focus a consumer on just one property. 

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