Five Super Easy Tips for Success!

Every once in a while, we’ll get off our WEBSITE WEBSITE WEBSITE horses and throw you a curveball 🙂 In today’s tech saturated, information overloaded, super busy world it’s easy to forget there are still some ways to slow down and be more healthy, happy, and successful.

First: SMILE!

successful real estate agent smiling at client
Slow down a tad, smile, and build rapport!

Fake it if you have to; even a fake smile can alter your emotional state and reduce stress. Pretty soon, your body will return the favor and you’ll feel great. Smiling while you’re on the phone is proven to make your voice sound more pleasant and engaging. And smiles are contagious when interacting with your clients.

Second: Follow up

Are you keeping in touch with your past client base? Past clients, especially when they are happy with your work can be your most beneficial lead source. Send them a personal birthday or home anniversary card, give them a call to see how they are settling it, or send emails about upcoming events that are in their territory. Just a touch of personalization can continue to build a great rapport.

Third: Exercise

Nope, chasing leads is not exercise – sorry! Fun ways to get this done without going to the gym (although the gym and Spin classes can be a great networking area) are simply walking around your neighborhood, climb stairs in your home or business for 5-10 minutes, or jog in place/do jumping jacks while watching Property Brothers. Get that blood pumping, and both your body and brain will benefit.


Fourth: Save

There can certainly be some lean months in the business. You are the controller of your own business, so make sure you’re saving money during your busy season to help you sail through the slower months without worry.

And Last: REST!

“Rest? I’m on this job 24/7!!” Make sure you take time to recharge yourself and prevent burnout. Take time on your days off to explore your territory, and to enjoy YOUR hobbies and interests. A rested, well-rounded real estate agent is a lot more pleasant to do business with than a tired, rushed one!


We all know it’s easy to throw out some of these steps because of the lack of time, but to be a more successful real estate agent with a more sustainable business, make all these tips part of your daily routine.