Can you build your website yourself?

*Read to the end to see PROTECH’s new/easier pricing schedule!

Probably. But should you? If you’ve talked to other REALTORS® or used social media like Facebook or Twitter, you’ve most likely heard about or seen countless ads promoting do-it-yourself website development, using a site builder. While a drag and drop option of building your own Agent website inexpensively may sound like a great idea at the time (just like one of your clients thinking it’s a great idea to do FSBO! ;)), there are very good reasons why you could be better off in the hands of a professional.

Free and inexpensive site builders aren’t really free.

You will be providing free advertising for the service you built your site on, or even possibly a competitor. If you don’t want to provide this advertising and you don’t want restrictions over what you can do on your site, you’ll pay extra. Research shows that price is typically higher than for hosting elsewhere.

The code behind these websites tends to be bloated and will slow your site down.

PROTECH Florida web design for REALTORS
We’ll do this

“Why do I care about code? I don’t see it.” Bloated code leads to problems later with speed, maintenance, security, and dependability. If you need to have someone else look at your site later, it will be more difficult for them to decipher behind-the-scenes code and help you out.

You might not actually own your site.

Websites built on site builders stay there. When you decide to move up and onward and transfer your site, it is no easy task. You or someone will probably have to reconstruct the pages and their functionality. With a professional (local to St. Petersburg agents) company like PROTECH, you will retain control over your site and we will host it for you.

Your site might look a lot like everyone else’s site.

Have you ever noticed that some websites have a lot in common? That’s what happens with template-design site builders. While PROTECH has a number of layouts to choose from, we carefully craft your site for your business which includes colors, fonts, functionality, clear call-to-action, and beautiful searches for your clients.

It’s not as easy as it looks

REALTORS do social media marketing
You do this!

We know you’re smart, and we know it starts out easy enough. But I’ve heard from countless clients that it all turns into a great big hassle. Leave the hassle to us. You know how to market homes, and we know how to develop your website. We’ll work with you and get it done.

So yes, please set up your reference web pages provided to you by, and others. But when it’s time to build YOUR business web site, save yourself the time, hassle, and money and consider a professional. We work with REALTORS® and we know your business. Let us help you.

Check out some of our work here.

As promised at the top of the article, we’ve rolled out monthly pricing again. You can purchase a Starter Page for $40/month, or an Agent Premium Package for $65/month. IDX always included. (We can do business and personal sites too, call us to schedule a consultation!)

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