Your logo & brand is essentially YOU…

We at PROTech always emphasize to our clients that an essential piece of their business should be an updated and professionally created logo. The reason why this is so essential is you only have one chance to make a good first impression. As a REALTOR® , or business owner, you should know the axiom, “You are Your Brand”. If your logo or branding looks dated, you could appear the same to your potential clients.

Check out the article below for more details about logo development and price ranges.

How Much Should Your Logo Design Cost?

3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Regular Maintenance Like Your Car

Professional web design & SEODon’t you wish your website had a “Check Engine Light” so you’d know when it needs maintenance?

I often hear business owners taking the “create it and forget it” approach to their website then they wonder why it stops showing up in searches and bringing in leads.

Like your car or home, your website needs regular maintenance to perform well. Imagine for a moment if you didn’t change the oil or transmission fluid in your car or replace worn tires. Your smooth ride would eventually turn into a “ride to remember” and may require a lot of expensive repairs. The same goes for your website: links break, rules change and competitors’ websites move past yours in searches.

So why go to the trouble and expense of maintaining your website? Here are three good reasons.

Google keeps changing the rules.

Competitors change their websites and web presence.

Web designs trends change.



Let PROTECH be your “Check Engine Light”

3 Good Reasons to have a Responsive Website

Trends in the Marketplace

Responsive DevicesHave you ever viewed a website on your cell phone and the navigation buttons were so tiny you accidentally clicked on the wrong link? Then in a panic, you stab at the screen to go back a page and you clicked something else! At this point all you want to do is just forget it, close the whole browser window and end the session.

Chances are, this was not a responsive design website

Poor website design can create a painful user experience. And painful user experiences are reflected in your site’s metrics. Analytics reports will show high abandonment rates, low stickiness, and no page depth for mobile users.

The good news is there’s a fix!

Making The Case For Responsive Design

If the idea of responsive web design or SEO isn’t clicking with you yet, think about it from another perspective: it’s all about making your website easier to find and use, regardless of the user’s device. Still not sure how important it is for your website to be responsive to mobile users?

A few statistics should provide some perspective on the mobile market:

  • 60% of internet access is on a mobile device
  • 90% of U.S. adults own a cell phone
  • 64% of Americans own a smartphone.

And to boot, Google’s search methodology gives preferential treatment to sites that are responsive or mobile-friendly. Their intentions couldn’t be clearer:

“…We will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices,” said Google.

Google hasn’t specified a penalty for non-responsive websites, but the reality is that mobile-friendly sites will likely be the first results shown.

If your site isn’t responsive or mobile optimized, contact us, and together we can walk through your needs and provide you with a proposal to get you to where you need to be

Source: Sir Speedy Newsletter 

PROTech builds nothing but responsive sites. Contact up for questions or to get your website up to par and make sure Google doesn’t ignore you in the future. 727-216-3008 or


Some Great Plugins for Google Chrome

I really like the picture editor and the DocuSign extension right in your browser. Very handy.

Want to get more out of your online experience? Put your web browser to work for you! Google’s Chrome browser offers thousands of extensions that you can install to boost your productivity. Like apps for your mobile phone, these add-ons range from social media sharing buttons to extensions that block online distractions so that you can better focus on important tasks.

Ready to give your productivity a boost? These seven Chrome extensions can help turn you into a web power user!

1. Write Space

This extension lets you write and edit text right from your browser. Write Space’s design is simple and clean, a lack of clutter that makes it easier to focus on writing rather than outside distractions. (The app’s creators suggest turning your browser to full-screen mode to reduce distractions even further!)

Our favorite feature of Write Space is how it automatically saves everything as you type, so you never have to worry about accidentally losing your work. It’s convenient, too. Rather than booting up Word or another program to write down notes, just open this extension in a new browser tab and start typing!

2. Awesome Screenshot

Have you ever needed to take a screenshot of an entire webpage or document–including the parts that you’d have to scroll down to see? Awesome Screenshot to the rescue! This extension lets you easily capture all kinds of screenshots, from the whole page to a small selection. The best part about Awesome Screenshot is that it lets you annotate any of your screenshots with text, shapes, highlights, and more.

3. CloudConvert

Need to convert that Word document into a PDF, or that .RAW image file into something web friendly, like a .JPG? This extension can convert over 200 different file types into whatever you need. You can even set it up to automatically save converted files to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud storage solution.

4. Pixlr Express

Edit your listing photos without leaving your browser. This extension lets you crop, resize, adjust, add text to photos, and much more. If you have little experience in more advanced editing techniques like adjusting color balance, Pixlr’s Auto Fix feature can do it for you in just one click. All images can be easily saved back to your desktop for sharing on social media or uploading to the MLS.

5. Font Changer

Few things are more frustrating than a website that’s hard to read, especially if it contains important information that you need! Banish unreadable typefaces with Font Changer which, well, changes the font of whatever webpage you’re on so that it’s easier to read. This extension lets you choose the font you’d rather read, and even set up alternative fonts for all sites or just the sites that really, really bug you.

6. Kill News Feed

Ah, Facebook…that gloriously distracting time suck. If you find you can’t resist logging in when you should be doing work-related things instead, try this extension. It blocks your Facebook newsfeed, so that even if you log into Facebook, all you see is a whole lotta nothing. Consider it your own personal productivity police.

7. DocuSign

Do you use DocuSign as your eSignature platform of choice? If so, check out this extension to make working with the program even easier. With it, you can open documents for signing or sending right from Gmail or Dropbox. The extension installs a handy button on your browser’s task bar so you can access DocuSign easily or check on the status of any document with one click.

By Kelly Phelan