How to easily share your new listing on social media

With the IDX featured on your Powered-by-PROTECH website, your new listings automatically appear on your webpage* shortly after being entered into MLS.

To post the listing details to Facebook and Twitter, or to share by email is soooo easy you won’t believe you haven’t been doing it.

**Some details have been blurred to protect the Agent’s rights to the sample listing.


1. On your website, find your listing and click to open the details. (*You should have a Featured, Agent, or Office Listings web page set up. If you don’t, let us show you how to do that).

featured listing

2. On the Listing Detail Page, click the SHARE button.

Share button

3. Choose your social media.

Social Media buttons

4. If you’re not currently signed in, you might be asked to sign into your account. And you’re sharing! Here is a sample of what a Facebook post will look like. When a potential client clicks the image, the listing details open to your website.

facebook sample

Use this feature to share your new listings, Open House events, and any other listing (of your own, or that you have specific authority to advertise) you’d like to draw attention to.

Remember—It takes TIME and patience to build an audience through blogging and social media communications. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Be consistent, be authentic, and keep at it!

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