How long does it take to build a website?

After we received your completed Website Planner form (that includes your logo, brand color codes, copy/write-ups, headshots, etc.), we will contact you mentioning the design process has started. Within a 1 – 2 week timeframe, you will be emailed a link of your website layout mockup for you to review. The layout will integrate your branding (of colors and logo) and other elements from the Ducks form. If any changes are needed (of colors, font size, etc.), we will makes those changes within the limit of 2 revisions. Your website will be developed from the final revision and delivered, pre-launch within a 4 week timeframe. ** Note: Any pre-launch revisions over our complimentary 2 revisions, may delay your website development and could result in more development fees needed from you. Please see our New Websites link for more information.  

My  friend / cousin / employee says that they can design my site for free.  Why shouldn’t I just let them design it?

Would you trust your plumber to do your taxes? Also, you could buy a car for $500 and it might get you to where you are going, but, soon after, you will spend more money and time trying to fix that car than if you simply bought a more reliable one in the first place. If you care about how professionally your company is presented to clients and if you care about your website functioning properly, then hire a professional web designer who will make your new website look great and work correctly. Hire a PROTECH designer today!  

What is the average price for a responsive website?

Many firms will charge a client thousands of dollars to develop a responsive website but our overall goal is to provide our clients with a great website at a great value.  When you sign up with us for a new website, you not only get a responsive website (geared toward mobile technology), you also get a year of hosting and an integrated IDX of searchable home listings.  

Why am I not on the first page of Google search results?

This is a frequently asked question we get from a client who first launches a website. The basic answer is a newly launched website takes time to be listed in any Google search results (amongst the tens of thousands websites already established in your field and industry). One of the biggest misconceptions about new websites is if they are built, then the traffic will come. That is a huge misperception. Initially, Googlebot will automatically find your website, sooner or later, while scanning the Internet, but users are not going to find your site as easily. Once you launch a website, it takes time, sometimes lots of time, and work to drive traffic to it. Driving traffic to your website takes online and offline (traditional) marketing efforts: through link building with other websites within your industry, sending direct mail, purchasing sponsorships, using Google AdWords, frequent blogging of fresh and relevant content, etc. One of the most important traffic driving efforts is through Social Media Marketing (SEM) efforts through Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media outlets.  For example, Facebook posts about your business should drive traffic back to your website and vice versa.  

Will I be able to update my site on my own, or will you do that for me?

We build our websites on the WordPress platform which makes it easier for clients to update their sites on their own with new pages, photos, and text. But, if updating your website is something you cannot do, we can always do it for you. Please contact us for a quote on the types of updates you would need for your website.  

I know you offer website hosting with my PROTECH website, but do you host email accounts too?

We will host and manage your new website but not email accounts. We suggest having your email account separate from your hosting account. Email hosting companies we recommend are Google – Gmail ( http://gmail.com) and Microsoft – Hotmail-Outlook.com (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/hotmail/home)