Get a responsive, dynamic, complete website with MLS listings for much less than what those other “agent” web design companies charge.


Check out our LIVE DEMO Full Website templates below.

We’ll add your content, your colors, your logo, etc. More templates will be added!

A “warm” design, meant to give an inviting, friendly impression. For down-to-earth Realtors® who build their brand around their personal touch.

A spacious, full-width “tiled” website that’s clean and modern. Perfect for showing off a video. Adapts easily to any color scheme.

Elegant fonts and filigree over marble infer luxury and upward mobility. Alternate background textures available.

This design is perfect for those who’ve chosen their branding colors carefully and know how priceless a good video or image selection can be.
Super clean, classic design that that’s both down-to-business and inviting. Works great for any target demographic or area.

Photographic backgrounds throughout. Spacious, full-screen sections. Show off the beauty of your target market!

Full Websites with IDX​

$599 Design & Setup

$65/mo Hosting + IDX

Hosting includes: Free SSL. Daily backups. Security and anti-spam measures.
Email services are not included, but we'll help guide you if you don't already have your own.
See how one template can change with different agent preferences:
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Interactive Sliders

Testimonial Widgets

Custom Forms & Sign Up


...and many more!
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*Pricing reflects rates as of 2/5/2019. Subject to change. Design fees apply for major redesigns or customer delays outside agreed time-frames.
IDX Features

Below are just a few of the features that the IDX can provide. More than just MLS results, the IDX gives both the consumer and the agent a user-friendly set of tools to make the process as friendly and information-rich as possible. Agents can manage, contact, and route leads. Agents can even create custom subscribed searches for their leads that email results in set intervals.

Quick Search

Advanced Search

Robust Property Details

Social Search

Lead Capture

Polygon Map Search

PROTech Florida Real Estate Web Design and Data
About PROSites

A PROSITE will help you capture more leads by targeting mobile users. After searching gorgeously detailed property information, complete with driving directions, property photo galleries, neighborhood and school statistics, clients will be able to call or email you with one tap of their smartphone! Let PROTECH help you build your online presence while you focus on closing transactions.

Always "mobile-friendly"

Don’t let your prospective clients “bounce” away! If you’ve ever gone to a website on your smartphone and been redirected to a stripped down “mobile version” or had the misfortune of trying to navigate a website from your phone and given up after pinching and scrolling from side to side endlessly, you know that’s an easy way to lose a new contact. PROTECH has solved these problems with up-to-date technology. Responsive websites scale to fit any device and follow the ranking rules set by Google. Your website content will resize itself whether the user is in vertical or horizontal viewing mode, on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop monitor. We make sure your clients can search your properties while on the road! We are here to help you help your customer have the best experience possible. Our PROSITES are branded for your office, with modern design, IDX property searches, integrated blog, and monthly market statistics.

Real Estate Websites (PROSites) Features - for "Full Site" and "Agent Starter Site with IDX" Packages
(Other budget friendly packages may be available without IDX and some featured listed below)
  • IDX Included (For Realtor Members – $720 value)
    • IDX Map Search
    • IDX Advanced Search
    • Lead Management
    • User Registration
    • Save Favorites and IDX Searches
  • Color scheme to match your branding
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact Form
  • Hosting Included
  • XML Site map and other SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools and features
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Website Security – Each PROSite is installed with a Security Plugin that protects your site from cyberattacks and blocks any unwanted bots.
  • Site Maintenance including plugin and WordPress updating.
  • Daily Site Backups
  • 1 hour training session upon completion of your website (within the first 60 days)
  • IDX Searches for Agent and Office
  • IDX Quick Search Widget
  • IDX Featured Listings
  • 10 Custom IDX searches
  • Local Links Page
  • Mortgage calculators
  • 2 Custom Forms (up to 20 fields each)
  • 8 hours of Content Import – Content must be finalized and prepared to be imported into your website. (You can add unlimited pages and content to your site after the website launch). If you have content that will exceed the 8 hour setup time, we can provide a quote to migrate additional content (at a rate of $50/hr)
The Steps for Developing Your New PROSITE Website:
  1. Contact us to arrange a Website Design Meeting. (Via online meeting)
  2. We will send you our Website Planner Form. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP. The form gives us the most important, and pertinent, information needed to start the process of developing your site. Any delay in filling out and sending us this form delays the timeframe in starting your website, so it is best send us this form as soon as possible. Form completion is required.
  3. When we receive your Website Planner Form, we will contact you to collect the Setup Fee charge and start the recurring monthly charge. We will contact you mentioning the design process has started. Within a 1 – 2 week timeframe, we will email you  a web development link that shows you the design. This will show the integration of your branding (colors and logo) and other elements from the Planner form. If any changes are needed (of colors, font size, etc.), we will makes those changes within the limit of 2 or 3 minor revisions. Your website will be developed from the final revision and delivered, pre-launch within a 4 week timeframe.
  4. After your site is launched, we provide a 1 hour training session in how to use your new PROSITE website.