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Dan Cote, Web Designer

Dan Cote

Web Developer / Designer

Dan Cote is a Web Developer & Designer, Drummer and Sci-fi Geek. Designing websites and coding since 2002, Dan has built websites for Realtors since 2011. 

When not creating websites, Dan enjoys writing lyrics and recording drums for his band The Reverse Engineers.
His favorite movies are Back to the Future, Star Wars, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, and Toy Story. Favorite bands: Rush, The Fixx, and The Police.

Ph: 727-216-3033

Ꭰуⅼаո Маrvіո


Dylan spearheads the Logo and Branding side of PROTech. For nearly twenty years, he’s helped a wide variety of businesses develop their brands and marketing strategies.

Originally a musician by trade, he studied at UNF and continues to compose when he can. His other passions include animation, sculpting, and basically making messes out of anything he can get his hands on.

Ph: 727-216-3016

Jonathan St John

PROTech Reports

Jonathan handles the production and distribution of the PROTech Report. 

Ph: 727-216-3038