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If you’re in business, you need a brand. If your brand isn’t working, perhaps it’s time for a refresh.
Our Logo & Branding Service is backed by decades of marketing and design experience across multiple industries.

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The Logo Process

After getting to know your company’s marketing vision, there’s still work to be done before the first sketch begins. We’ll research industry and local trends, consider your competition, and pitch some ideas for your feedback.

We’ll start with a few logo concepts and create subsequent rounds of refinement and variations until a logo is chosen. Throughout the process, new designs are double-checked for originality. You don’t want to find out the hard way your idea’s already being used or has failed in the past!

Real Client Examples

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"How long does it take?"

Until you’re happy!

It can literally take one day to several months to deliver a final logo and brand, even for small businesses. Start the process as early as possible. While we try to be quick, this is not a part of your business you want to rush. Please communicate if you have a rush deadline or target.

All that being said, we like to aim for 2 – 3 weeks. Even if you’re thrilled with the initial designs, it’s good to have a cooling off period for a fresh perspective.

"What's my role? How do I prepare?"

So, you’ve got your license, registered your DBA, made a few napkin sketches, and you’re ready to get started. What now?

You can never be too prepared. After meeting, you’ll be asked to collect some logos of existing brands and briefly describe the characteristics you like about them, as well as the opposite for brands you don’t like. You don’t have to wait, however, and can start that “homework” now.

Something to keep in mind: Don’t design for yourself. Design for your target market. Yes, we’d like you to love your logo. And maybe your personal preferences mirror customers’ tastes–but it can be difficult discern the difference. Consider what your competition has successfully (or unsuccessfully) done to attract business. Ask yourself what can you learn from them while still being unique.

Character and Message

Ask yourself the kinds of questions below as early as possible, because we’ll be asking you!

What’s your marketing bridge? What connects you to your target client? What sets you apart from your competition?

What’s your elevator pitch? Can you sell me your product or service in thirty seconds?

Who is your primary target market? What do you want them to know about your business immediately?

What image are you trying to project? A personal, intimate, boutique experience; or a confident, established, sleek, corporate machine? What’s your point-of-view, first or third person? (Would your text say “We service the tri-county area” or “Acme Widgets services the tri-county area”?)

"What about Trademarks, Copyrights, and all that Legal Jazz?"
® or ™ ?

Anyone can use the trademark (“TM”) symbol or service mark (“SM”) symbol on their logo after creation. We highly recommend using the trademark symbol, which is standard practice, but it’s not much of a form of protection, nor a legal requirement. To use the registration mark (“R”) you need to register your logo with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). For our purposes, copyrighting (“c”) doesn’t really apply. Slogans are subject to trademarks and not copyrights when used in conjunction with a brand.

Conflicts and Registration

We do our best to vet our designs and check them for conflicts with publicly-available sources, but we are not a legal service. Like most aspects of your business, the onus is yours to adhere to state and federal laws and regulations, trade membership guidelines, and employer/broker restrictions, as well as registering with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). No matter how original your idea may seem to us and yourself, PROTech makes no guarantees. Likewise, the name of your business, and your slogan, is your responsibility. By hiring our services, you indemnify PROTech and their staff, from any misuse, damages, and litigation arising from use of your brand.

PROTech is not licensed to practice law. These suggestions do not constitute legal advice.