SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Guide and Services

Step 1 - Create a Google My Business Profile

With a Google My Business account, you get a business listing that allows you to easily connect with consumers across Google Search and Maps. 

  • Consumers read and post Google Reviews.
  • Your contact information (phone number and website). Directions to your business, (if you have a physical location). Agents that don’t have a brick and mortar location can indicate geotargeted service areas. 
  • Your hours of availability
  • The ability to post a weekly update

Need Help Setting Up Your Google My Business Profile?

Cost - $50 for 1 Hour Zoom Session and Consultation

Where do I create my Google My Business Profile? – Start Here

(Example of a Google My Business Profile)

Step 2 - Google Screened - Local Service Ads - Leads from Google

Your picture and reviews show up when people search for the services you offer. You appear on Google in your Service Areas (by city and/or ZIP Code).

  • At least 1 Google Review on your Google My Business Profile required to be eligible for Google Screened.
  • You will go through background and license check (gives consumers more piece of mind that you are…who you say you are). 

Once you are Google Screened, you set up a Local Services ad.  Your ads will show up for consumers in your service area, and you only pay for the lead if a customer calls or messages you directly through the ad. 

Get Started Here – Google will even assist you through the Google Screened setup and process. 

Google Screened Agents Show up at the top of Google Search above ads and search results (see example below)

Google Screened Example

Step 3 - Google AdWords - Pay Per Click Sponsored Advertising - Focused on Search Terms

Create an AdWords Campaign to drive traffic to your website

  • Pay per click advertising on Google Keyword phrases that people use to search for real estate. 
  • Ad campaigns can be geographically targeted locally and nationally. Want to have your ad shown to people up North during winter?… advertise about homes in a warmer climate. This is possible with Google Adwords.
  • Setup a daily/monthly Ad campaign budget. 

To get the best bang for your buck you will need targeted keywords and phrases people actually use in their Google Searches.
That is where we can help you…

We can do your Google Keyword / Keyphrase Research (words people enter in their Google Search)

Cost - $75 for the Top 50 Keyword Phrases in your Target Area

Step 4 - Optimize Your Website's Content for Search Engines

How do you know what is working and want needs improvement? 

  • Your website might have good content but does it use terms people use when searching Google?
  • Do all of the photos on your website have ALT text?
  • Do you have Google Analytics installed on your website?
  • Have you submitted Sitemaps to Search Engines?
  • Is your website optimized for Mobile?

Do you want to rank higher on Google Searches and get targeted website traffic? We can help (See our SEO Package below)…

PROTech Search Engine Optimization Package - Monthly Reports & Analysis

Cost - $75 per Month Recurring (3 Months Minimum)

Step 5 - Content Creation for Websites (COMING SOON)

Do you need someone to write content that is both optimized to use the best Google Keyword Phrases (to drive organic website traffic) and is easy to read? 

For PROSite Clients only – Optimized Real Estate Community-based webpages – coming soon.

  • We write the content for you (SEO optimized)
  • Photo galleries, and targeted IDX Search Results

For Existing websites we can 

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