With a PROSite website you can brand yourself by giving your site the exact look that represents your business. With an integrated blog built into PROSites, you will be able to connect with your clients through Social Media. Keeping connected with your clients is essential for building business relationships with your clients.

We offer the latest option in websites geared toward mobile devices called responsive websites.

PROSite Responsive


Have you ever gone to a website on your smartphone and been redirected to some hokey, stripped down “mobile version” that isn’t even the real website you were trying to visit? Maybe you have had the misfortune of trying to navigate a website from your phone and given up after pinching and scrolling from side to side endlessly.

PROTech has solved these problems with their new line of responsive websites that scale to fit any device. Now you can give your clients one web address that they can access with their smartphone, tablet or pc. With a PROTech responsive website you still get all the great features they offer on all their websites including custom design, IDX property searches, integrated blog, and monthly market statistics.

Our new responsive websites are really 2 sites in one. These innovative designs look as good on a smartphone as they do on your desktop or laptop. We have eliminated the need to buy a “mobile site” in addition to your “real website”. With PROTech’s latest website product line the content will resize itself whether the user is in vertical or horizontal viewing mode, on a tablet, desktop or smartphone or even a screen as large as a television.

We have two types of PROSites for your needs:


In the business of buying and selling homes, it is important to stand out from your competition. With a PROSite website with integrated IDX (searchable home listings), you will have the tools to keep site visitors (and potential buyers!) on your site and interested in properties.


Do you own a business or maybe you are launching a personal website? We’re here to help. We can create a website to fit your design and branding needs. Whether you own a restaurant, hair salon, coffee shop, doctor’s office or need a personal website we can design it for you. Look no further…sign up for a PROSite today! Business/Personal sites start at $500 ($300 annual and $200 one-time setup fee) for a 6 page website. If you website exceeds 6 pages of content please contact us for a custom quote.